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T & T Medical Group also provides general medical care under its Family Health Clinic arm.

Osteoporosis Centre
Osteoporosis Centre Osteoporosis Centre
Imaging Centre – X-Ray
Imaging Centre – X-Ray Imaging Centre – X-Ray
Imaging Centre – CT Scan
Imaging Centre – CT Scan Imaging Centre – CT Scan
Imaging Centre - MRI
Imaging Centre - MRI Imaging Centre - MRI
Ultrasound Ultrasound
Physiotherapy Physiotherapy
Family Health Clinic
Family Health Clinic Family Health Clinic

Dr Ting

Principal Doctor in charge

Dr. Ting

Dr. Ting Choon Meng joined private medical practice in January 1987, and founded T&T in 1989. To date he has more than 33 years of private medical practice.

Dr. Ting Choon Meng is currently the Medical Director of the Primary Health division of our Group, and principal doctor at our T&T clinic where he also oversees the operations of the clinic, including the management of all the patients.

Since the 1990s he has pioneered disruptive techniques and approaches in the treatment of patients suffering from chronic degenerative painful conditions. For instance, intra-articular injections using Visco-supplementation for the knee joints, and subsequently other joints, were pioneered by him. In 2007, after doing more than 25,000 Visco-supplementation cases, Dr. Ting Choon Meng wrote a book entitled “Advancing supplementation: A Handbook on Visco supplementation for OA Knees” to educate more doctors on the techniques on doing Visco-supplementation. This book was subsequently translated into the Chinese version and used as a handbook for doctors in China, Japan, Thailand, and over Asian countries.

Since then, he has expanded the interventional management for joint diseases to include other ortho-biologics like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and autologous protein solution (APS) injections.

Dr. Ting Choon Meng has since transformed his T&T clinic into a one-stop chronic disease center, which is focused on patient-centric care. The T&T clinic now provides the following:

  • Osteoporosis center- which enables early screening, counseling and patient education, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease. There is a dedicated trained nurse educator who manages the center;
  • Diagnostic X-Ray imaging center;
  • Bone Mineral densitometry & Full Body Analyser;
  • MRI imaging;
  • CT scan imaging; and
  • Physiotherapy – providing full suite of physiotherapy services including rehabilitation of sports injuries, post-operation recovery, acute and chronic orthopedic conditions, amongst others.

Dr. Ting Choon Meng is also a serial medical device inventor.

Dr. Ting Choon Meng graduated from the National University of Singapore with M.B.,B.S. degree in 1984.